New Core-XY Hardware

New Core-XY Hardware

Yes once again it has been 2 months since our last blog. We have been spending too much time in the cave busy designing and printing new parts that you forget to take the time out to tell people. Our excuse is we do like to test items properly and that can only be done over time. There’s nothing more annoying than spending time completing something only to find the solution is a short fix or it does not work later in the project. Where are we with this new printer? Well we are way in front of this blog in fact we have just finished off running some test prints. Hopefully now there will be more time to give you regular build information and step by step guides through the problems we experienced with this core XY design. Anyway on with this blog.
The control board we are using is the Geeetech Rumba board and was chosen because of its power options, its versatility and its ease of use. It is Arduino 2560-R3 compatible so it works with Sprinter, Repetier and Marlin straight out of the box. It is also Compatible with the RepRapDiscount Smart Controller that we like to use. It can Supply 12V to 35V to motors, extruders and heated bed which will assist with our ABS printing and reduce heating times. It can support up to 6 motor drivers with 1/16 or 1/32 micro stepping though the latter depends on which drivers you fit. As our build requires triple extruders, X and Y motors and dual Z motors the Rumba was the board which ticked all the boxes. The only thing this board does lack is 32 bit processing power but we are saving that new board for the next printer build.

For the LCD we chose the RepRapDiscount Smart Controller basically because pound for pound it is the best LCD on the market. It offers control over a vast amount of functions and displays all the information on a large 128×64 LCD display. It is Supported by all the major firmware and delivers a fast response rate on an 8 bit microcontroller. Nema 17 stepper motors (17HS4401) will be supplying the torque and drive to operate our ‘X’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ axis. The choice of motor drivers is still undecided (until the next blog) but they will be either be the A4988 or DRV8825. More to come on them later. Another Nema 17 motor (17HD34008-22B) was chosen to push the Filament through the nozzle. We have decided to stick with a direct drive extruder on this build basically because weight is not the main concern but rather the ability to control the extrusion of all filament types. Therefore the lucky extruder to be fitted to our ‘X’ carriage at this point in time will be the Tevo Titan extruder. We are hoping it will improve our control of extruding flexible filaments and obviously we will let you know the outcome. In the near future we will be changing over to three bowden extruders when we start the RGB multi blending option.

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