Frame Build

Frame Build

Wow two months since our last blog. As it really been that long?

Time has just flown by.

But we have been busy or I should say the little Anet A8 has been extremely busy using a full 750g reel of PETG just to produce the stock parts for this new printer. We are also on a first name basis with the local couriers because all the materials survived the trip from the far eastern shores and are now onsite.

So lets start the build.

The main starting point before purchasing any of the parts is deciding what build volume size you require and what materials you are mainly
going to print. I don’t think you can really go too large. We decided on a 300 x 300 x 300mm build volume but we are already thinking maybe
we should have gone 500 x 500mm. I would recommend you pick your build volume then increase it by some and then this should increase the time before you once again think about modifying the frame to extend the build size.

This new printer is to be used to produce parts for our ROV which is another little project we are presently working on. The parts for the ROV must be printed in ABS so we know that our print bed and nozzle will be running at high temperatures. To reduce heat up times and to make it easier to reach the higher temperatures a 24 volt supply to both is the minimum we should use.

Listed in the Hypercube Evolution (HEVO) build files is a really handy Excel spreadsheet document called Configuration File.
Once downloaded you can enter your build sizes and other details into the document and it will produce all the required sizes for the aluminum extrusion, steel guides and threaded bars plus produce a list of all the parts you must print to complete your build.

We purchased all our aluminum extrusion from a company called KJN Aluminum Profiles ( They do offer a cutting service which we used and I would recommend as it makes it so much easier to build the frame square. All the corner fittings, T nuts and socket head bolts were purchased from China which gave us a considerable saving but with the downside of a forty day delivery time.

Bolting the frame together was not a problem just ensure it is square and level so to ease setting up the rest of the printer components. Only real pain came from the the Hypercube Evolution assembly video #3 (Dual Z axis) where it gives a one hundred and thirty millimeter measurement to position the additional side extrusion lengths that run below the XY motors. Later in video #6 (Belt assembly) he points out that the measurement is wrong. At this point you have fitted shafts, bearings and motors some of which have to be removed to adjust the frame. It is just a pity he has not added some correction text to what is now an old video. So look out for that one!

Next Up we will start bolting parts to the frame

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