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Here's abit about us!

Cobratronic all started back in 2016 as just a hobby. A father and son was gaining interest into UAV’s and ROV’s. As the two wished to build their own, they did the research required and found out about the world of 3D Printing.

They realised not only could they print off existing products, but that they could completely create their own unique product to the way they envisioned it. From here they looked into which programs were highly rated and which 3D printer would be the one for them.

After looking around, they became aware that there wasn’t really a major 3D printing brand in England which could do what they offer. From there on, Cobratronic was born.

Their first action was to purchase a printer so that they could explore this new process. It did not need to be a top end printer just a printer where they could build up their experience using a machine, the software and the various different materials that are on offer.

Working with Plastics was not new to the pair as the father had spent fifteen years working as a manufacturing Engineer at a major plastic company who supplied car interiors to the likes of Toyota, Rover and Daf vehicles. The son’s talents lay in computer & software development, so the pair seemed to have a good head start with understanding the process.

The Printer they decided on was the Anet A8. There were three reasons why the Anet was chosen. Firstly the Anet was a self build printer and building a printer from a big box of components is a good way to understand ‘how it ticks’. Secondly the Anet A8 has a big community in the forums where people actively discuss the means on pushing the printer to its maximum potential. The third and final reason is the Anet A8 is one of the cheaper models so any mistakes made would not be costly.

After six months of pushing the Anet to its limits, they realised it was time to develop their own machine. From here they researched and developed multiple prototypes, making comparisons between they own and the major branded printers.

The only thing left for them to do now, was to the build the printer itself, which they knew would compete with other printers and push 3D printing itself to a new level.