3D Lac Adhesive Review

3D Lac Adhesive Review

Like to point out we have nothing to do with this company so if the stuff is bad you will hear it here.



Initial Views

We were a little shaken when we first saw the overall price of this item. The postage charge is nearly the same price as the can! There are already a good number of positive reviews and a few not so good reviews. Most of the negative views usually state it is just an expensive un-perfumed hairspray and that their warpage issue still continue.

Well we use hairspray (on the print bed) as we always print onto glass. We find glass so much easier to prepare and use with the added bonus of a super clean finish on what is sometimes referred to the ‘A’ face of the print. The glass gives us no warpage issues when printing PLA, Flex and PETG on a bed set at 60 degrees or 75 degrees respectively. ABS though has been causing us few issues especially when printing long thin tall parts. We must also take into consideration that we are now printing through the colder nights so the ambient temperature is now lower in our workshop . To combat the ABS issues we have been adjusting the brim settings in our slicer program by increasing to 25 lines of brim that is set to a 3 layer height. We had to increase the brim height as we found that although the brim was sticking the ABS was flexing the brim if it was too thin. On some prints we would also overcoat the brim layers with heavy coats of ‘pritt stick’ glue overlapping the coat back onto the glass. This was done to ensure we did not loose the print at the end of an eight hour stint. Though this method did save most of our prints it was still a pain having to wait around until the third layer is complete to apply an additional glue coating. Then there is the extra procedure of a full glass clean down that must be completed after every print. With this in mind we took the plunge and paid the money.


What Preparation?

To start with your glass wants to be clean so use either soap and water or a glass cleaner to ensure all those oily finger prints are gone. Next is to apply a coat of 3d lac onto your glass sheet that is no warmer than thirty degrees (room temp). We usually apply 3 right to left coats and then 3 up and down coats to ensure an even courage. Then clip glass to your bed and turn on the bed heater. We do not recommend that you spray the glass when it is on the bed as shown in demo video. Your cooling fan will draw in the vapour and coat your blades that will cause vibration/noise and eventually fan failure


So How did it Perform?

Since using it we have not had any warpage issues and the ‘pritt stick’ and hairspray are now redundant with the added bonus of  the man-cave no longer smelling like a brothel. Probably the biggest problem now is having to wait for the bed to cool down to about 30 degrees so we can get the print off the glass without damaging it. Yes this stuff is that good or maybe we are spraying too much on? We shall try less next time.

On their website they state “Once the printing process ends and the temperature of the Heated Bed is below 50 ° C the model can be removed without any effort from the bed and no tools are required that could damage the part“.

Well that statement is not true for me. At fifty degrees I could still probably suspend myself and swing from the print and still feel secure. On the first test piece we broke the print trying to remove it from the glass too early. Presently we have to wait for the bed to cool down to 30 or 35 degrees before attempting to remove the print. Usually we start to hear small cracking noises that are coming from the plastic and glass separation. It is at this point that we use a small thin paint scrapping tool to assist with part removal. If left alone the part will eventually release itself. On inspection the finished part show no signs of staining or discoloration from using this product.



We love the product and it has solved our ABS warpage issue. Only negative is waiting for the bed to cool down before part removal. So if like us, your printer is always on the go then we recommend you purchase a second glass sheet so your continual printing may long continue. The single coating is still working well after approximately eight to ten prints and it is usually because the glass requires a clean down that we have to wash and reapply another coat. It is a large can so hopefully it should last quite a while before another purchase is required. Next time we will probably purchase two or three cans as it lowers the overall cost.

So if you suffering from warpage issues get yourself a can

You can get more info from 3D Lac official website         https://www.3dlac.com/index.php/en/


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